My goal at JP Fine Tuning is to make your piano enjoyable both to play and hear. There are many aspects to achieving this goal. The touch at the keyboard should be easy and even. The piano sound should be so alive and full of color that it draws you back to the instrument. So, I work with hammers, keys, weighting, and the many little pieces that connect you with the vibrating string. The piano is a wonderful machine.

  • Tuning – traditional equal temperament or historical temperaments
  • Rebuilding – all aspects including structural rebuilding and cabinet refinishing
  • Humidity Control – Certified installer of all “Dampp Chaser “piano humidity control systems
  • Action work – regulation and replacement of all parts
  • Appraisals and Consignment Sales
  • Piano Moving and Storage
  • Player System Installations

JP Fine Tuning Services, Jim Pfeiffer
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